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Masayuki Ward

I was sorry and very surprised to read about Mabo Ward's recent legal troubles. There was much "wrong" with the story of his arrest, and besides the obvious problems, to me it is sad that he had to repress his inner self to the extent that he found himself in such a situation.

Aside from his rather minor, albeit embarassing, brush with the law, there is also a shorin-ryu site which calls Master Ward's martial arts history into question.


The countless factions of shorin-ryu and the constant bickering between all off shoots and lineages is really annoying. Other arts suffer from this bullshit, even new arts, i suppose - you see it in american kenpo and jeet kune do, but not as badly as in shorin-ryu! One of the reasons i was driven to discover where and from whom the shorin-ryu i learned in the Navy came from was because of all the elitist shorin-ryu experts i met who suggested i was at best mistaken in my katas, at worst just faking them... even when i found schools and styles that were within the same subspecies of shorin-ryu as me, i.e. kyan-shorin-ryu, they were snippy with each other, and breaking into different factions - even seibukan has factions...

my disgust with the whole factionalism has been one reason i have separated myself from shorin-ryu karateka, and have concentrated on chinese kenpo the last couple of years, along with my taijiquan practice.

history is interesting, and it's fun to think about and read about, but when the rubber meets the road, history don't mean shit. either you got juice or you don't, and from everything i've heard, Mabo Ward has the right stuff. People fuck up, hell, i've made it my life's mission to fuck up at least once every 48 hours... but it isn't your fuckups that define who you are. and it certainly doesn't matter how your teacher's teacher held his pinky in Seisan.

it's how you come back that counts.

seven times down, eight times up.

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